Most of us have an inclination that there is more to life than meets the eye, but our senses and the gift of the present are all we are offered in this moment. Sarah Whitmire marries her remarkable clairvoyance and striking eye to relay divine answers to some of life’s biggest questions through large scale paintings.

Sarah has trained for over a decade in mystic and spiritual disciplines with the mission to inspire a million people with her work. Her art is in a constant state of service, so her technique requires a direct connection to a higher source—what she calls the Divine Muse.

Sarah’s unique process calls on an unshakeable freedom and courage. She begins each piece without premeditated landscapes or ideas. She’s moved by an intuitive force and transmits each revelation on 6ft x 4ft pieces of bare wood. In live performances she often depends on the energy or questions from the viewers and over a period of 6-12 hours, sharp images, texts, and shapes are revealed as profound messages. Through abstraction, the art becomes the Oracle and represents the literal and metaphorical power of transformation.

The impromptu method requires a forgiving material like acrylic paint that permits rapid revisions as she often uses her hands and arms as painting instruments. And as a skilled Mixed Media artist Sarah frequently layers with colored pencil, watercolors, oil pastels, pouring paint, acrylic ink, China marker etc. The true magic however is that a Sarah Whitmire original cannot only be seen but can also be experienced.

Sarah’s process is an epiphanic event and her work transcends the confines of traditional practices. Using her extraordinary instincts, she bridges ethereal wonders with physical life creating a visual story. Sarah invites viewers to journey with her as she discovers the messages the Divine Muse will uncover next.