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I am on a mission to uplift, inspire, and awaken ONE MILLION people with my art.

Awakening humanity to its own greatness is no mean feat but for me it’s a labor of divine love.  I’ll never stop painting.  I’ll never stop bringing through messages and images for myself and my audience.  I’ll never stop shining for you.  All I ask is that you shine your brightest back at me: I need 1,000,000 pieces of feedback and your story of inspiration counts.

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Let me know that I’ve inspired you!

I read every story you send and cherish every experience you share.  It touches me to hear what you feel when you see my work or watch me paint live.  Your uplifting comments support me when I am in doubt and fuel me when I am flying high.

Use my contact form below.

Or any other means of getting me a message.  If you include your name and email, I’ll be able to write you a response.  One million people is a powerful goal, but not an impossible one.  Stand up and be counted!

Best Ever For Youtube Banner Shamanic Artist Sarah Whitmire 562x316

Painting live at Visionary Crossfit in Gainesville, FL

Sarah, you have AFFECTED MY SOUL PROFOUNDLY and I know our lives will continue to intertwine. Thank you for reaching out in unique kindness and love.

[Sarah painting live] is the coolest thing going on in Gainesville right now.

Tim Malles, Artist, Gainesville, FL
[Sarah’s] setup is incredible.  Everyone at Visionary is still talking about her: coming up to me all the time and saying how awesome and inspiring she was.

Seck37, Artist and Gym Owner, Gainesville, FL

“Nothing compares to standing in front of Sarah’s original pieces.  I can feel myself downloading guidance, creativity and love.”

Ron S., Collector

Incredible!!! Gave me chills. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with us. 🙂

Anne R.

There is every kind of person in the world, but I feel that there is something important for everyone in each of these paintings.

Gerald, Psychic and Medium, Gainesville, FL

You have an incredible gift!! What a blessing it is even to watch you paint. Thank you for sharing with us.

Peggy C.

“I’m an avid fan.  The energy in the original pieces…I’m addicted.”

Mark H., Collector

“As soon as I saw [the painting], I knew its message was for me.  Having it in my home has brought me so much comfort and healing.”

Lisa K., Collector

You’ve inspired a lot of people tonight.

Carrie Martinez, Artist, Gainesville, FL