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I’m on a mission to awaken, uplift, and inspire ONE MILLION PEOPLE through the art and energy I channel from the divine.
I kneel before a blank canvas

with no insistence upon the outcome.  I connect to Divine Creativity, my Divine Guides and Source.  Then I paint the imagery and messages I receive.

I create tools of awakening:

art that delivers messages, creative inspiration and divine guidance to the viewer.  My art isn’t a lifeless image that hangs on the wall; it’s designed to continue to connect and inspire you as you live with it in your space.  Similar to the reading and rereading of a deep spiritual text, the messages and teachings in each piece unfold over time.

I believe that a painting can transmit energy.

When I was seven I stood before a painting and was forever transformed.  In a deceptively simple painting of water lilies, Monet captured the true beauty of light in such a way that the energy of pure beauty could be transmitted to the viewer.  In that moment, I was awakened to the vibration of beauty and the transformational power of visual art.

My dynamic and expressive paintings captivate audiences while transmitting energies of transformation and the divine.

Museums are wonderful, but they’re akin to listening to symphony on good headphones: it’s no substitute for being there when the music was created.  When you watch me paint, you’ll feel yourself connecting to the art—and to me—in ways that are both subtle and compelling.  You’ll be drawn in, you’ll feel meditative, contemplative, and alive and inspired all at once.  You may feel or receive messages or see something evolve in the imagery that speaks to you on a deep level.  When you live with one of my pieces, the experience deepens.